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Bringing clarity to
leadership transitions.

We can help make choosing the right leader for your organization easier so
you can remain focused on fulfilling your mission. 


Comprehensive Custom Executive Search

We provide the deepest level of search intelligence and motivational pattern insights that determine future leadership performance.  Our unique research and candidate vetting process are driven by pinpoint strategy and best practices. 


Preparing for the Future

When a board of directors and/or senior leadership team of an organization are ready to move into a planned succession, we will walk step-by-step with the organization to usher in a smooth succession plan. 


Assess Current
Candidates for Fit

If you believe that you may have the right talent to choose from within or access to a network of great talent you can hire SIMA Faith to “unbundle” the full search process and help you select the right leader. 

Team Talk

Build a Stronger Leadership Team

Utilizing our proprietary SIMA based tool called MCore, we will work with your staff to conduct a comprehensive Team Study to understand individual motivational design, how you work together, identify areas of potential need and opportunities to build for the future.

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