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Based on more than
60 years of SIMA Science.

SIMA Faith, a world-class retained executive recruiting firm, is a division of SIMA Partners— licensed by SIMA® International.

We provide the deepest level of search intelligence and motivational pattern insights which help determine future leadership performance. 

Our unique research and candidate vetting process are driven by pinpoint strategy and best practices.  SIMA Faith’s results are unsurpassed in candidate placement for faith-based organizations. 




                                                 Our proprietary assessment tool M_Code provides the deepest level of                                                          intelligence and insight to determine future leadership performance                                                              and fit to a role, and is derived from SIMA (System for Identifying Motivated                                                    Abilities)--an assessment with a 50+ year track record of matching

                                                 motivation to career decision-making. 

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Trusted by hundreds of faith-based organizations, including:

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